Direct engagement, fostering and enabling Social Entrepreneurs, achieving social and environmental as well as financial sustainability - this is the basic idea behind our initiatives and projects - below you find more information about selected initiatives and projects of the Eos Entrepreneur Foundation

Sustainable Cocoa Cultivation, More Resilient Cooperatives,
Women in Leadership Roles

Smallholder farmer cooperatives produce better cocoa quality and increase cocoa productivity in sustainable agroforestry; hence they aspire to have a better life and to take on immediate action against climate change as well as improve the livelihood of their communities

Specifically, the foundation is currently working with local coaches in the cocoa cooperatives, i.e., the social enterprises, on increasing quality through improved fermentation and drying processes, increasing output quantity by rejuvenating cocoa trees, following good agricultural practices, and setting up central cocoa collection and processing centers at cooperative level , pursuing organic/Fairtrade certification and getting access to market cocoa on the regional and international market

In the video above, our women on-site show their commitment, be it Yamileth as the women’s manager of the central collection and processing station; be it Angelica as a promising youngster, gifted to work with digital media and to support commercialization; be it through the great support of the engineer from Jamundí, Paula Eduardo, who actively supports, promotes and accompanies our women's projects in cocoa - together with our project lead in Colombia, Gloria Usuga.

Cocoa Cultivation in Agroforestry - Women Initiate Change
and Are Innovative 

Country:          Colombia
Impact Region:       Pacific lowlands
Focus:          No poverty, decent work, sustainable production, climate action, "cocoa for peace"
Start of Program:         2014
Current Project Phase:   2020 - 2022
Partners:        Other foundations

Promoting Circular Economy by Supporting
Innovation and Personal Responsibility

This project aims to raise awareness of the circular economy in society and to emphasize the sustainability of biological and technical cycles. Social entrepreneurs are empowered, especially in the development of innovative solutions and initiatives to achieve positive social and ecological effects, such as striving for sustainable cultivation and production patterns and methods as well as promoting responsible consumer behavior.
This is also an important contribution to the UN 2030 Agenda

Specifically, social entrepreneurs are supported by providing coaching over a longer period of time. Typically, it starts with the Eos ECIS Online Self-Assessment, an analysis of the social enterprise, and a dedicated validation of what the needs and priorities of the social enterprise is. It is important that the social entrepreneur maintains the personal responsibility in the decision-making process, be it in the development and growth phase of their social and ecological impact, be it for what and when they need coaching

Promote and Support Circular Economy Initiatives 

Countries:       Switzerland and Latin America
Focus:          Enabling, innovation, reduce Inequality, sustainability
Start of Program:      2016
Current Projekt Phase:   2020 - 2022

Sustainable Initiatives of Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Communities to Establish Basic Services

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation supports social entrepreneurs who pursue sustainable initiatives for the benefit of the community, share knowledge with stakeholders, promote prevention and networking. Typical initiatives address basic services that are lacking or are not continuously offered in the underserved communities

Specifically, the foundation works with local coaches and partners in underserved zones, in which social entrepreneurs are identified, evaluated, trained and supported with long-term coaching, on the one hand to support the development of a sustainable enterprise and, on the other hand, to promote and accompany the development of basic services. The beneficiaries benefit from basic services offered locally or regionally and no longer have to accept hours of transport to gain access to such services.

Personal Initiative Strengthens the Community
and Enables Income Generation

Country:          Colombia, Nicaragua
Impact Region:       Various Regions
Focus:          Advancement of women, decent work, reduce inequalities, support income-generating activities in agriculture and health
Start of Program:         2013
Current Project Phase:   2020 - 2023
Partners:        Various Swiss Cantons, Federal Government Agency