Direct engagement, fostering and enabling Social Entrepreneurs, achieving social and environmental as well as financial sustainability - this is the basic idea behind our initiatives and projects - below you find more information about selected initiatives and projects of the Eos Entrepreneur Foundation

Innovation, Social and Environmental Responsibility Enable a Circular Economy

The project endorses sensibilization of society about the interdepenceny of social and environmental sustainability, opportunities promoting biological cycles as well as technical cycles in a circular economy. Social Entrepreneurs thriving the way through strong commitment and initiatives towards a circular economy and hence contribute sincerely to the Global Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the UN Agenda 2030

Specifically, our Foundation supports Social Entrepreneurs through coaching, a comprehensive online self-assessment, an analysis of the Social Entrepreneur's strengths and weaknesses as well as identifying needs and priorities for improvement. The Social Entrepreneurs are accountable for the decision-making process, be it in the phase of developing or in the growth phase of their social and environmental impact, be it if, where and when they want to make use of coaching provided by the Foundation

Circular Economy Initiatives - a contribution to the UN Agenda 2030

Countries:       Switzerland and Latin America
Focus:          Enabling, innovation, reduce Inequality, sustainability
Start of Program:      2016
Current Projekt Phase:   2019 - 2021

Sustainable Cocoa Production and Resilient Cooperatives

Smallholder farmer cooperatives produce better cocoa quality and increase cocoa productivity in sustainable agroforestry; hence they reach for a better life and take on immediate action against climate change as well as improve the livelihood of their communities

Specifically, our Foundation works together with local coaches in cocoa cooperatives, i.e., with social entrepreneurs, in order to increase cocoa quality through improved post-harvest processes such as fermentation and drying of cocoa beans, productivity increase through rejuvenating and planting of new cocoa trees, through pursuing and implementing good agricultural practices, building a central cocoa collection and quality control center, working towards bio/fair trade certification and developing access to interesting shared value markets 

Cocoa Production in Agroforestry - more Resilient Communities

Country:          Colombia
Impact Region:       Pacific lowlands
Focus:          No poverty, decent work, sustainable production, climate action, "cocoa for peace"
Start of Program:         2014
Current Project Phase:   2017 - 2020
Partners:        Other foundations

Promoting Access to Affordable Health Services

Social Entrepreneurs are trained in order to offer basic and affordable health services in remote areas; as a result Social Entrepreneurs contribute to good health, well-being and to the prevention of metabolic syndromes such as diabetes II or high blood pressure

Specifically, our Foundation works with local coaches in underserved areas where Social Entrepreneurs are recruited, trained and integrated into a network.These Social Entrepreneurs are pursuing an entrepreneurial approach and are dedicated to offer affordable, basic health services such as awareness and prevention of Diabetes II, blood pressure and weight control, vision tests and adjustable glasses, and nutritional information related to the overall well-being  

Fostering Health Services to Strengthen the Community

Country:          Nicaragua
Impact Region:       Areas in Managua and in the northeast of Nicaragua
Focus:          Prevention/good health, decent work, inequality reduction
Start of Program:         2013
Current Project Phase:   2018 - 2020
Partners:        Other foundations