Eos Entrepreneur Foundation
fosters Social Entrepreneurs to reach out for a better world

Motivated and willing to address social and/or environmental issues in a sustainable manner

Selected Initiatives and Projects

Sustainable Cocoa Cultivation, More Resilient Cooperatives, Women in Leadership Roles

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation supports social entrepreneurs, i.e., smallholder cooperatives who practice sustainable cocoa cultivation in agroforestry in order to achieve high quality, financial sustainability and improved added value. The advancement of women is a central concern in this project, as is the cooperation with regional organizations. Hear for yourself from our on-site project manager, Gloria Usuga

Promoting Circular Economy by Supporting Personal Responsability and Innovation

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation supports social entrepreneurs who take the initiative to tackle social and ecological challenges, leaving behind the linear economy and moving towards responsible and sustainable cultivation and production methods as well as responsible consumer behavior in the sense of the circular economy.
At the same time, the foundation, together with network partners, is engaged in initiatives to raising awareness of the topic in Switzerland -> read more

Sustainable Initiatives of Women Social Entrepreneurs in Rural Communities to Establish Basic Services 

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation supports social entrepreneurs who pursue sustainable initiatives for the benefit of the community, share knowledge with others, promote prevention and network building. At the same time, income opportunities are created and pursued, knowledge about ecological cultivation is learned and implemented in their communities and social skills such as communication, trust and leadership roles are promoted and realized  -> read more

Be Active

Donors offer support

With a donation you are supporting the purpose of the Foundation and the realization of initiatives and projects respectively. 
You are more than welcome to closely follow the development of the initiatives and to participate in reaching the positive impact
-> read more

Social Entrepreneurs take action

As a responsible, creative Social Entrepreneur you want to make the world a better place, want to know your strengths and weaknesses, be part of a network of like-minded, are aware that you eventually need some coaching along the way 
-> read more

Coaches act as enablers

You support Social Entrepreneurs with your professional experience and accompany them through critical stages with the objective that they become more effective and hence increase their positive impact 
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About us

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation

The not-for-profit foundation was founded in 2012 with the purpose to promote Social Entrepreneurs in Latin America and Switzerland. Like the Greek Goddess EOS who brings light into the new day, so does the Foundation by supporting Social Entrepreneurs with their initiatives that generate positive impact for beneficiaries  -> read more

How we work

The Foundation fosters, enables and supports Social Entrepreneurs whose initiatives are contributing to the Global Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the UN Agenda 2030. The coaches accompany and support the Social Entrepreneurs on site to achieve a positive impact in the communities for the beneficiaries.
Foundations, philanthropic investors, donors and shared value partners significantly contribute to financing projects and scaling them up -> read more

Our reports

Annual reports and semi-annual updates offer an overview and insights into the Foundation's projects, the development of initiatives and their impact. Topics most relevant for the Foundation and its environment are taken up and discussed in light of the Foundation purpose
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We look forward to hearing from you!

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation

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