A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

Why we foster
Social Entrepreneurs

People at the base of the income pyramid are often faced with disproportionate challenges, such as healthcare shortages, lack of infrastructure, lack of access to training and income generating activities, or severe impact from climatic change. Our commitment and experience also show that people here and there are seeking change, they come with the will and strength to work towards a better living for themselves and their community

What does it mean 
to be a Social Entrepreneur

Social Entrepreneurs are characterized
by entrepreneurial spirit, vision,
creativity and the will to succeed.
Primarily they are highly motivated
to use their skills for a better livelihood. Their sustainable business model is implemented in stages and is results-oriented, i.e., focuses on the realization of positive social
and environmental impact. Social
Entrepreneurs need to be integrated
into an ecosystem and network of like-minded to achieve higher resilience in their communities

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation
an impact investor

Eos Entrepreneur Foundation offers support to selected Social Entrepreneurs based on the idea that the social enterprise addresses social and environmental challenges while striving to reach financial sustainability as well, i.e., achieving positive results after initial stages. Successful Social Entrepreneurs are expected to repay a working capital loan and make a symbolic contribution to the Foundation for supporting other Social Entrepreneurs in need 

... that is why we foster Social Entrepreneurs