Eos Entrepreneur Foundation

Eos Stiftung für UnternehmerInnen | Fundación Eos Emprendedores

We support Social Entrepreneurs who foster sustainable development in underserved regions by addressing social and environmental challenges with an entrepreneurial approach!

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Objectives and Impact of our Projects

Access to Basic Health Services in Underserved Regions

Countries: Nicaragua, Colombia, Boliva

Reach: Social Entrepreneurs, women and young adults
Impact: People in underserved regions receiving access to Basic Health Services
What we do: Vision tests, affordable glasses, diabetes tests, weight control, blood pressure control, nutrition advisory

Medical Professional offers a training session about Diabetes II
related health problems and symptoms, Nicaragua

Buen Cacao - Vida Buena (Better Cacao - Good Life): 
Foster Sustainable Cacao Cultivation

Countries: Colombia, later on in Ecuador and Nicaragua

Reach: Cooperatives / Organizations

Impact: Smallholder families can pursue sustainable cultivation while developing 

towards social and financial stability

What we do: Improve cacao quality through enhanced post-harvest processes, increased quantity by planting additional trees, establish a central collection and quality control station, pursue bio and fairtrade certification, enable access to markets

Technical Assistent (TA) shows how the grafting of the newly planted
cocoa trees is properly done, Colombia

Eos ECIS Community for Socially and Environmentally engaged Social Entrepreneurs

Countries: Switzerland - Latin America will be included later on

Reach: Social Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Shared Value Partners, Philanthropic Investors

Impact: Continuously reaching for social and environmental sustainability

What we do: Impact coaching during extended period, exchange with specialists, tools, networking with coaches, philanthropic investors, shared value partners, collaborative communication among social entrepreneurs

Get to know Peter and how the Eos ECIS community helps 
him to run a sustainable social enterprise